angelita damag

The Women Behind Angel Sue Skin Success

Angelita “Sue” S. Damag

Angel Sue has been in the beauty industry for over a decade and continues to grow thanks to its loyal customers that love what they do. Angel Sue was created by an entrepreneur named Angelita “Sue” S. Damag who wanted Filipino everywhere to have access to HALAL certified quality cosmetics without using strong chemicals that complicate your skin . With this mission in mind, she went about creating a brand with high-quality products that doesn’t require you to do expensive facial procedure at budget-friendly rates without compromising their standards or values.

Angelita Damag has always believed that beauty is not just about the outer appearance, but also about feeling confident and happy with who you are. She believes in keeping yourself glowing and radiant without any complex procedures or products because this can only harm your skin. Her brand angel sue reflects her passion for helping others find their own definition of beauty by providing them with quality products to keep themselves looking good on the outside.